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Hello! I’m Kelly and welcome to my site.

Though I love cycling my first two passions have to be running and yoga – my yin and yang! In many ways I owe my life to these two activities. I don’t think I could have one without the other in my life.

Over 10 years ago after realising how unfit I had become (I blame those uni drinking days), I made the decision to start running. I slowly built up the miles, however was always terrible at remembering to stretch.

It got to the point my calves, hamstrings and feet (yes, my feet) were constantly cramping – I was waking up during the night in total agony! I decided to try a yoga class at my local gym, and started to notice a real difference in my flexibility and my calves no longer felt like rocks.

Slowly I started to notice other benefits as well, such as my breathing, concentration and overall endurance started to improve. After that I was hooked – and I’ve been practicing yoga and running in marathons ever since.

Discovering the benefits of yoga and how it’s helped me overcome many physical and mental challenges in my life, I decided to study to become a yoga teacher. And since I can’t have my yoga without my running, I’m also in the process of becoming a running coach.

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