Beginners Yin Yoga for Calm


I hope you enjoy this 30 minute Yin yoga class for beginners. The theme of the class is calm, so join me in creating a sense of calm with this 30 minute practice.

There are a few differences between the yoga you might be more familiar with (such as Hatha yoga or Vinyasa, which are other styles of yoga I teach) and Yin yoga. And I’ll list a few of these differences below.

Why Yin is different:

  1. In Yin we hold each pose for anywhere from 2-10 minutes
  2. In Yin we don’t engage the muscles – we try and release, let go and melt into the poses
  3. When coming into a pose in Yin, we don’t go to the deepest we can get into the pose. This means poses will look different to when you do the same pose in a Hatha class.

Don’t be mistaken – just because this class is a slow paced class, it doesn’t mean it’s easy. In fact, I find Yin to be one of the most challenging types of yoga – and that’s because I struggle with staying still. So why do I practice and now teach Yin – because it’s what I need to balance me out.

So you may find this class challenging. You may even hate it. As long as you don’t feel any pain, just see if you can notice these feelings of discomfort and continue with the practice.

A few benefits

  • Yin can be quite meditative, as we spend a long time in stillness. It’s a great stepping stone to starting a meditation practice.
  • It helps to balance out more active lifestyles. It’s important to have a balance between being active and always switched on, and being in the ‘rest & digest’ stage. Yin can help achieve this.
  • It stresses the connective tissue – helping the fascia around the joints can help improve mobility and joint health.

Props for this Beginners Yin Yoga class




  • Strap, belt or rolled up towel
  • Bolster or cushion/ pillow
  • Towel or blanket
30 Minute Beginners Yin Yoga Class for Calm

If you enjoyed this class and want to learn more about Yin yoga – join me for my Yin yoga course. This course is for beginners or anyone wanting to dive deeper into the Yin yoga practice. You’ll gain the confidence and knowledge to develop your own home yoga practice. As well as learning how you can adjust and modify poses to best suit you.

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