Yoga for Gardeners


With all this lovely whether and the necessity of the lockdown, I’ve been spending a lot of time in the garden. Mostly weeding and cutting back dead plants, though I hope to get around to planting a few vegetables. I’m quite new to gardening and it’s taking it’s toll a lot more than I was expecting. So I’ve started concentrating on my own personal yoga for gardeners sequences that can help relieve some of the common aches and pains a gardener might experience.

As I figure I’m not the only one spending more time in the garden, I thought I would share these yoga sequences in a special full length, 45 minute Yoga for Gardeners class!

During this class, as well as providing some relief to some of the common aches and pains, we’ll also strengthen these muscles to help prevent future aches, pains and injuries. We will spend some time stretching the neck, hands and wrists, releasing tension in the lower back and opening up the chest and hips. So the next time you’re spending time, as my Nan says, “pottering around the garden” you can do so with less discomfort.


All props are optional.

  • You might like to have a strap, belt or rolled up towel to hand.
  • A towel or blanket is also nice to have nearby in case you would like some extra padding for the knees/ hands.
  • Blocks/ books are also nice to have, though I don’t make reference to them in this class.

Yoga for Gardeners Class

Yoga for Gardeners full lengthen yoga class

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