Yoga for Runners


Those of you that know me, likely know that I’m a bit addicted to running! It’s one of the reasons I started yoga, so it seemed crazy not to take advantage of this beautiful sunshine and film a few yoga for runners classes.

So here we go, a pre run and post run yoga session! Filmed before and after Michael and I went on our Saturday morning run.

Yoga can be used to help improve your running performance as well as reducing the chance of injury and speed up recovery.

Pre run (or any pre-exercise) yoga/ stretching should include more dynamic movements to help warm up the muscles to prepare them to run. This helps to prevent stitches and injury during your run.

Post run yoga is more static where the pose is held for a longer period of time with less dynamic movement. The muscles are already warm, so dynamic stretching isn’t needed. At this point holding the pose helps to stretch out and lengthen the muscles. This reduces the shortening of muscles (which creates muscle tightness) that results from a lot of running or activity.

Of course, if you don’t run these are still great yoga sessions, which will stretch and strengthen the outer and inner hips, quads, hamstrings and glutes. If you hold any tightness in these areas then you’ll still feel the benefits of these classes.

I hope you enjoy!

Yoga for Runners: Pre-Run Yoga

This class can be done at anytime of the day. It can be done before exercise or as a stand-alone yoga session, as we will warm up the muscles during the class.

You might like a towel or blanket for padding for the knee. I don’t use any other props in this class, however feel free to use them if you like.

Warm up those muscles safely before a run with this pre run yoga session!

Post Run Yoga

This class should be done only after exercise when the muscles have had a chance to warm up. You can also combine this class with the pre-run yoga class. This will ensure the muscles are warm before moving into some of the more static poses.

Again, I only use a towel and yoga mat as a prop in this class, however feel free to use more props if you like.

Stretch those muscles out to reduce tightness and speed up recovery with a post run yoga session!

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