Yoga is available to everyone! It doesn’t matter about your age, your fitness level, your strength, your flexibility, your coordination, your experience… the list goes on and on.

During yoga you’ll be given the opportunity to move in a way that feels good to YOU and benefits YOU – and this will be different for each of us. We all lead different paths, so it’s only natural that we’ll be in need of something different from our practices.

It’s YOUR yoga practice, so do what makes YOU FEEL GOOD. This might mean you take a different pose to the person next to you. Or you use some props to support you. The shapes we make in yoga will look different to the people around us. But as long as it feels good for us, we are doing the pose safely and we don’t feel any pain of discomfort, it doesn’t matter. Different is great! How boring would life be if we all were the same?

In Japan they have a saying, Wabi Sabi – the art of imperfection! It’s about appreciating being perfectly imperfect. We all are different. And we all are imperfect in our own beautiful way. Let’s embrace this in life, and also in our yoga practice!

Why Yoga?

  • Improves flexibility and balance.
  • Increases muscle and core strength and tone.
  • Improves respiration, energy and vitality.
  • Reduces stress and anxiety.
  • Helps to maintain a balanced metabolism.
  • Improves cardio and circulatory health.
  • Improves athletic performance and recovery.
  • Helps to provide protection from injury.
  • It’s inclusive and can be adapted to everyone.

Classes I Offer

Public Classes

Great if you want to try a new class, particularly if you’ve never done yoga before or are looking to try a specific type of yoga. Teachers can help by offering alternative poses, props, checking alignment and making sure you’re moving in and out of a pose safely and effectively. It’s also a nice and affordable way to spend an evening in the community and meet other people.

You can check our my current public classes here.

Private Classes (1-2-1, with a group of friends or online)

Feeling anxious or self-conscious about your first class? Not sure whether yoga is for you? Want to give it a try, but don’t feel ready to attend a group class? Or want to deepen your practice? Or focus on a specific area? Why not try a private class?

You could get a group of friends together for a private yoga session, or have a 1-2-1 session either in person or online. There are lots of different options – each which can be tailored to you.

Learn yoga amongst a group of friendly faces, in a comfortable safe space. You could even turn it into a relaxation evening and combine a yoga session with a massage workshop – try yoga and learn how to give a 5 minute back/ shoulder massage to friends.

All private classes can be tailored to you. Below are some ideas on how you could do this – be as creative as you like! 

  • Concentrate on a specific area you would like to strengthen or increase flexibility of – such as shoulders, neck, hamstrings, back, core
  • Have issues with putting weight on the wrist, then try ‘Wrist-less Yoga’
  • Don’t like working on the floor, then try ‘Chair Yoga
  • Got a specific event or club you’re a part of, tailor the class to your group – some examples could be ‘Yoga for Cyclists’, ‘Yoga for Runners’, ‘Yoga for Gardeners’ etc.
  • Want to practice with the whole family? Then you could try ‘family yoga‘.

Read more about Private Classes here.

Online Classes

Constantly on the move? Busy schedule, but would like to maintain a regular yoga practice? Want to try a specific style or class before committing to an in-person class? You might like to check out my online classes.

I offer both online yoga videos to practice in your own time or online live-streaming classes.

Online yoga video classes are usually on a specific theme, which means it’s easy to find a class that will suit your needs. I add a new online class every Wednesday and you can find these classes here.

If you’re interested in a live streamed class, then please get in touch to discuss.

Please take a minute to read through my disclaimer before attempting any online yoga classes with me.

Online Courses

At the moment I offer a Yin Yoga for beginners online course, which you can sign up for here. This course will give you the confidence and knowledge to adjust and modify yoga poses to best suit you. And enable you to start your own home practice.

I also offer a Yoga for Cyclists online course, where we focus on those muscles that tend to get either too tight or too weak, during cycling.

Find out a little bit more about me here. Or drop me a line if you had any other questions.

What students are saying

“Having Kelly as a yoga teacher has really helped the aches and pains I have been having due to work. I can see that Kelly has really put a lot of thought in her lesson plan and genuinely cares about all students.

As a beginner in yoga, Kelly really makes you feel comfortable. She is what all Yoga teachers should be.👍”


“Been to several sessions taught by Kelly and can’t recommend her more. From mastering Ujjayi breath to a basic cat cow, there’s lots of variety and never a dull moment!”


“Had the experience with yoga with Kelly. Kelly was so supported through out the session. I felt so relaxed and uplifted after. 

I would recommend her to anyone.”