Yoga is available to everyone! It doesn’t matter about your age, your fitness level, your strength, your flexibility, your coordination, your experience… the list goes on and on.

During yoga you’ll be given the opportunity to move in a way that feels good to YOU and benefits YOU – and this will be different for each of us. We all lead different paths, so it’s only natural that we’ll be in need of something different from our practices.

It’s YOUR yoga practice, so do what makes YOU FEEL GOOD. This might mean you take a different pose to the person next to you. Or you use some props to support you. The shapes we make in yoga will look different to the people around us. But as long as it feels good for us, we are doing the pose safely and we don’t feel any pain of discomfort, it doesn’t matter. Different is great! How boring would life be if we all were the same?

In Japan they have a saying, Wabi Sabi – the art of imperfection! It’s about appreciating being perfectly imperfect. We all are different. And we all are imperfect in our own beautiful way. Let’s embrace this in life, and also in our yoga practice!

Why Yoga?

  • Improves flexibility and balance.
  • Increases muscle and core strength and tone.
  • Improves respiration, energy and vitality.
  • Reduces stress and anxiety.
  • Helps to maintain a balanced metabolism.
  • Improves cardio and circulatory health.
  • Improves athletic performance and recovery.
  • Helps to provide protection from injury.
  • It’s inclusive and can be adapted to everyone.

Yoga Classes

On demand Online Classes

Online yoga video classes are usually on a specific theme, which means it’s easy to find a class that will suit your needs. Classes include yoga for beginners, Yin yoga and yoga for cyclists (just to name a few). These classes are all free and can be found here.

A few examples of classes:

Online Courses

Yoga for the Joints: Yin Yoga course

This course will give you the confidence and knowledge to adjust and modify Yin yoga poses to best suit you. And enable you to start and feel comfortable in your own home practice.

Yin yoga targets the connective tissues, such as the fascia, which supports the joints. This can help with joint health, mobility and range of motion – the reason Yin yoga often is referred to as ‘Yoga of the Joints’. It’s also a very meditative practice, which can help soothe the nervous system.

This course is an in-depth course, ideal for both complete beginners or those wanting to expand their knowledge of Yin Yoga.

Yoga for Cyclists online course

Whatever the bike, whatever the experience, whatever the distance – if you like to cycle, then you’ll find this course beneficial to help prevent injury, speed up recovery and improve performance.

We’ll focus on those muscles that tend to get either too tight or too weak, during cycling.

Yoga for Lower Back Pain

We’ll look at the common causes of lower back pain and how you can address these causes.

You’ll learn a short sequence that can be incorporated into your weekly routine. This routine will target the common causes of lower back pain, and look at resolving the issue in the long term, not short term.

You’ll learn why these muscles might be causing the issue. You’ll also be given some tips on how to record progression, so you can see the progression you’ve made over time.

Online Yoga Retreat

Those looking for some ‘me time’! Time to rest and restore the body and take that well deserved break.

This is an on-demand, online yoga retreat – great for beginners and/ or those with limited time/ flexibility, as you can complete this retreat in your own time and at your own pace.

Find out a little bit more about me here. Or drop me a line if you had any other questions.

Please take a minute to read through my disclaimer before attempting any online yoga classes with me.

What students are saying

“Having Kelly as a yoga teacher has really helped the aches and pains I have been having due to work. I can see that Kelly has really put a lot of thought in her lesson plan and genuinely cares about all students.

As a beginner in yoga, Kelly really makes you feel comfortable. She is what all Yoga teachers should be.👍”


“Been to several sessions taught by Kelly and can’t recommend her more. From mastering Ujjayi breath to a basic cat cow, there’s lots of variety and never a dull moment!”


“Had the experience with yoga with Kelly. Kelly was so supported through out the session. I felt so relaxed and uplifted after. 

I would recommend her to anyone.”