Bat-themed Yoga: Wildlife Fundraiser

15 minute bat themed yoga

On 26th August 2009 the Christmas Island Pipistrelle (Pipistrellus murrayi) a small bat species previously endemic to the Island disappeared. To mark 15 year since the bat species went extinct I’ve recorded this short bat-themed yoga class and on 25th August I’ll be running the Christmas Island marathon. I’m hoping to use this opportunity to raise awareness of biodiversity loss, species extinction, and what we can do to protect nature and our native wildlife.

So for something a bit different, please check out this 15 minute bat-themed yoga class that I recorded in memory of the Christmas Island Pipistrelle. During the class you’ll not only stretch and strengthen the body, but learn a little bit about bats and why they’re so important for us and the ecosystem.

I’m also raising funds to support research into under-studied species and protection of native animals, in honour of the 100+ species that have gone extinct, including the Christmas Island Pipistrelle. 

The number one thing we can all do to help our wildlife is share these stories and the lessons learnt, so please spread the word, share this bat-themed yoga and if you can spare some $$ please donate here.

Wanting something more? There are plenty more online yoga classes available on our site, including this free 30 day yoga challenge.

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