Yoga for Spinal Health Classes


I have two Yoga for the Spine classes for you. The first is a 25 minute Yoga for Spinal Health class, where we’ll be either standing or seated in a chair. And the second is a 25 minute evening yoga for the spine class, where we will remain lying on the floor.

Yoga for Spinal Health

During this 25 minute Yoga for Spinal Health class we’ll gently move through all 6 movements of the spine – lateral movements (side movements), twists and forward and backwards motions.

This will help to strengthen and stretch the muscles that support the spine, as well as increasing fluid to the spine aiding in good spinal health and mobility.

Who can do this class?

Beginners and all ages welcome!

There is also no kneeling or weight on the wrists. During the class we’ll either be standing or seated in a chair.

Please remember to work within your own range of motion. This will vary from person to person and will mean that some poses don’t look the exact same as they do for others – this is perfectly normal as we’re all built differently.

The important thing is to work with what feels good for you and your body – this is your practice. Yoga can be challenging, but never painful. If you do feel pain, please gentle come out of the pose.

What you need:

  • A wall (optional) – though great for extra support and also to assist with alignment.
  • A chair
  • A yoga mat (optional)
  • A pillow or yoga bolster

When to practice:

The movements in this class are quite gentle, but also dynamic, which means it can be practiced at anytime of the day.

Great to practice first thing in the morning to really waken up the spine with some gentle movements. But also quite a nice way to wind down in the evening, as we finish with an ‘inwards’ pose, which can be quite calming for some people.

We usually recommend not practicing on a full stomach.

Yoga for Spinal Health

25 minute yoga for the spine class

Evening Yoga for the Spine

During this evening yoga for the spine class we’ll spend the whole practice on the floor, moving through the 6 movements of the spine (lateral, forwards, backwards and twisting).

This practice will help to stretch and release tension in the spine and back. It will also calm the nervous system, preparing the body for rest/ bed.

What do I need?

  • Yoga mat (optional)
  • Pillow or bolster (optional)
  • Wall (optional)
  • Yoga belt/ strap or rolled up towel (optional)

Who is this class for?

Beginners and students of all ages welcome!

The class is quite a gentle, passive practice, where we hold poses for about 5 breaths each.

When to practice?

In the evening as this class is a great way to gently stretch the back and prepare the body for bed.

That said, it won’t hurt to practice the class at other times during the day, especially during times when you’re feeling a little anxious or overwhelmed as we will be working to calm the nervous system.

25 minute evening yoga for the spine class

More Yoga to aid Spinal Health

The core is also an important aspect of spinal health. A strong core can provide extra support and protection for the spine.

For this reason I’ve put together a 7 day core strength challenge, which aims to strength each muscle within the core over 7 days. The challenge is only 5-10 minutes a day for 7 days, so can easily be incorporated into your usual daily route.

I’ve also created a short Yoga for Lower Back Pain course which covers the common causes of lower back pain and how you can work the supporting muscles to help resolve this pain. 

Lower back pain is often a response to weak, tight or inactivate muscles. This is something that builds up over time. It can usually be reversed, however just like it can take time to develop the lower back pain response. It can take some time to reverse these effects. This course is designed to give you the tools, to work towards reducing the common causes of lower back pain.

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