30 Day Morning Yoga Challenge


A great way to start a new routine is with a 30 day morning yoga challenge! And with just 10 minutes of yoga a day for 30 days – even the busiest of people can fit this in to their schedule!

Why do yoga in the morning?

There are lots of good reasons to start the day with yoga. Just 10 minutes of yoga every morning can benefit you in the following ways:

  • Warms up the muscles, which can help prevent injury
  • Reduces any stiffness felt when first waking up
  • Kick starts the metabolism and is great for digestion
  • Can help to create focus and a clear mind
  • Reduces aches and pains and helps flexibility
  • Drains lymph to the lymph nodes, which helps with the immune system

But, don’t believe me, try it out for yourself and see what benefits you feel from this 30 day morning yoga challenge.

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Start your 30 day Morning Yoga Challenge below

Day 1: Grounding – If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed, or tend to overthink, this 10 minute sequence will help to ‘ground’ you, by drawing the energy down from your head towards your feet.
Day 2: Chest Opening – stretch the chest/ heart area while strengthen the back and in between the shoulder blades. A great way to reduce rounding in the upper back.
Day 3: Balance – Bring a bit of balance to your morning with a few spinal balance and standing balancing poses. Great to improve focus and concentration.
Day 4: Calm – We will work with breath to movement to induce a calm and restful sensation in the body.
Day 5: Energy – create some heat and energy in the body with a few rounds of sun salutations.
Day 7: Warrior – build strengthen with this dancing warrior sequence.
Day 8: Deep Stretch – lengthen and reduce tightness in the muscles with this 10 minute sequence
Day 9: Woke up with a stiff neck? Then you might appreciate this 10 minute neck release sequence. Enjoy!
Day 10: Detox – Let’s wake up the body by massaging those organs involved in detoxifying the body. This class will involve a lot of twists, to help assist the functioning of the kidneys, liver and small and large intestines. When twisting it’s always important to twist from the belly up – just keep that in mind throughout the practice.
Day 11: Hip Opening – If you spend a lot of time walking, running, cycling, or sitting, then chances are you have tight hips. Today we will spend 10 minutes opening up the hips, stretching out those hip flexors. If you have particularly tight hips then this sequence can feel quite intense, so please remember just to work within your own limitations.
Day 12: Power – In this 10 minute yoga sequence we will go through a variation of sun salutation B together, but feel free to practice this sun salutation as many times as you like.
Day 13: Connection – It’s quite easy for us to get stuck in our head and forget to tune in and connect with the rest of our body. Take this opportunity to reconnect!
I’ll give you some options in this sequence however this practice is all about you connecting with how you and your body feels and tuning in with what it wants. So if there is another movement or pose your body is looking for, then feel free to take that pose instead.
Day 14: Foundation – Having a good solid foundation can not only help to prevent injury and discomfort, but also help to progress you further into a pose. So in this class we will bring awareness to our foundation and how we are supporting our bodies.
Day 15: Twist & Rinse – Twists move the internal organs in the midsection (belly region) – I like to think of it as a massage for the internal organs in this region. This can help increase the rate of movement within the intestines and the stomach.
With twisting poses it’s important to twist from the midsection up – not only will this ensure you get all the benefits of the twist, but also helps to protect the spine.
Day 16: Slow Flow – Get rid of those morning kinks with this slow flow yoga sequence. We will hold each pose for about 5 breathes – giving you time to really get into the pose and feel the benefits.
Day 17: Core -It’s important to have a strong core as it can help protect our spine, help with good posture and help us hold poses safely.
Day 18: Stress Melt – melt the stress away this morning with this 10 minute sequence. You will need a yoga block, however a couple of books or rolled up towel will work just fine. If using books, please don’t use your favourite ones as I’d hate for you to crease the pages.
Day 19: Space – Create space in the body with this 10 minute morning yoga routine.
Day 20: Side Body – We don’t often move side to side in our daily life, which means often we are quite tight in the sides of our body. This yoga sequence will work on lengthening the muscles in the side (lateral) body. As we stretch one side, the nature of the types of stretches we’ll do, will mean we’ll also strengthen the side body muscles of the opposite side.
Day 21: Mindfulness – Mindfulness is bringing awareness to the present moment – to your body, mind and the environment around you. During this 10 minute practice you’ll be guided through a body scan – which can be done, seated, standing or lying down.

If you enjoyed this mindfulness practice, you may also enjoy these free downloadable Yoga Nidras. Yoga Nidras are guided relaxations that sooth the nervous system, improve sleep and helps the brain process thoughts and memories.

Day 22: Strengthen – Build strength with this 10 minute morning yoga routine. We’ll flow through this sequence once together, but feel free to run through the sequence as many times as you like.
Day 23: Feet & Hands – Give your hands and feet some love with this 10 minute morning yoga practice.
Day 24: Centering – Spend 10 minutes this morning to become more centered and grounded. This can help improve concentration and focus.
Day 25: Learn – the story of the warrior poses!
Day 26: Lengthen – feel a bit taller with this 15 minute practice.
Day 27: Expand – bring awareness to your breath, expand with deep belly breathing and end with a breath awareness relaxation. You may like to have a bolster or pillow.
Day 28: Yin yoga – try something new with this 15 minute Yin yoga taster. Yin is a slow, mediative practice where we hold the poses for a longer period of time. You might like to have a few props to hand to help support you in the pose.

If you enjoy this Yin class, you may also enjoy this Yin yoga for beginners course. This course will give you the confidence and knowledge to adjust and modify poses to best suit you. You’ll also develop your home yoga practice.

Day 29: Let it go – let it go with this moon salutation to induce a sense of relief and soothing.
Day 30: Confidence – Well done! You made it! We finish with a practice dedicated to confidence.

If you made it to the end of the challenge – congrats! That’s great! I would love to hear how you got on, so please let me know in the comments below.

Finished the challenge and want some more – why not try a beginners Yin yoga class next.

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Thank you! Namaste!

Kelly X