Yoga without Series: Yoga without Shoulders

Thank you for joining me for this 20 minute Yoga without Shoulders class. During this class we won’t actively be taking poses that use the shoulder muscles, however you may still use the arms to support the legs and to help with balance.

During this class we’ll focus mostly on the lower body, hips and the core.

You might also like to have a couple of props. Maybe a towel for extra padding or a couple of yoga blocks or pillows/ blankets. Though this are optional.

Yoga without Shoulders Class
20 min Yoga without Shoulders routine

A bit more about a few of the exercises

During this class we did a little bit on strengthening the core muscles. The core is super important for the body as it stabilises and supports the body, improving balance, preventing falls and helping mobility.

I’m currently working on a 7 day core strengthening challenge, where we’ll learn about the core muscles and focus on a different core muscle each day. For just 5-10 minutes a day for 7 days you’ll learn about how to strengthen and look after these vital muscles. So keep an eye out for this in future – sign up to my email list to be kept updated!

Leg Raises – core exercise

During this class we do two sets of 10 leg raises. This exercise engages and strengthens the transverse abs, which is the deepest of the core muscles. The transverse abs is the muscle that wraps around the spine, protecting the spine and providing stability for the body.

While doing this exercise see if you can keep the lower back pushing into the floor and the lower belly muscles engaged. This helps to protect the lower back and target the correct muscles.

Core Exercise: Leg Raises

Side Twist – core exercise

Another important muscle of the core is the obliques. These are the muscles that run down the sides of the torso. They help with rotation of the torso, as well as pulling the chest downwards and also in lateral (side to side) movements.

During the class we do two sets of 10 of these side twists. This exercise targets and strengthens the oblique muscles. Just like the leg raises it’s important to try and keep the lower belly muscles engaged as you bring the legs back up to centre.

Core Exercises: Side Twists

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