Yoga Without Series: Yoga without Forward Bends


Thank you for joining me for this 25 minute yoga without forward bends class. There won’t be any seated or standing forward bends and we will avoiding hinging forward at the hips.

You may like a few props for this class:

  • A couple of yoga blocks or old books. Or you can use a couple of pillows from your bed. Or a bolster if you have.
  • I usually like to have a towel or blanket to hand as well (optional)
  • There is an option to use a rolled up towel or strap/ yoga belt too (optional)

Yoga without Forward Bends Class

25 minute Yoga without Forward Bends class

A bit about some of the poses

Baby Cobra Lifts

Baby Cobra lifts are a great way to build strength in the muscles of the back. These back muscles include the multifidus and erector spinae muscles, which both run down the centre of the back and provide support for the spine and the lower back.

The back muscles also play an important role in core stability. The core isn’t just about the abs or a defined 6 pack – it’s so much more important than that. The core muscles stabilises and supports the body. Helping with mobility, balance and even can prevent falls.

I’m currently working on a 7 day core strength challenge, where we will spend 5-10 minutes a day learning about the different muscles that make up the core, then complete s few exercises to help strengthen these muscles.

Baby Cobra Lifts – you can do this with or without the hands lifting. Check out the video to see how to do this exercise.

Supported Fish

Supported fish pose gently stretches across the chest and throat, while also releasing any tension in the upper back and neck. My physio actually once prescribed a variation of this pose to ease some upper back tension that I was experiencing at the time.

This is a fantastic pose to do if you’ve spent a long time sat in front of a computer or laptop, or have just been on a long drive, as it gently counteracts the rounding forward position we tend to be in when doing this activities.

Supported Fish – in this pose I’m using yoga blocks, but you can use pillows instead (I show this option during the class).

Other classes in this series

Please remember that yoga can be challenging, but should never be painful. So if you do feel any pain, please come out of the pose. Please also read my disclaimer before practicing any online classes, and if unsure please check with a health practitioner or doctor before attempting any classes.

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