Sustainable Living

I recently watched the David Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet and it gave me hope and really helped me to re-focus my priorities and well, just kicked my butt into gear and investigate some more sustainable living options. If you’ve not watched the doco yet – do! It’s got to be one of the best things I’ve watched this year.

So I’ve decided to actively reduce my carbon footprint and move towards a more sustainable lifestyle – hence the title, ‘Sustainable Living’. It’s something I’ve always tried to be mindful of, but not something I really focused on. Well the good thing about Lockdown – I’ve got more time to focus some energy on this and really try to reduce my footprint. And I’ve come to really appreciate the big difference we can all make by making some small changes to our lifestyle.

I thought I would share my journey here. Why? Because it holds me accountable, and you never know I might discover something others might find useful.

Sustainable Living Categories

To help break it down into more manageable chucks, I’ve separated my life into different areas. I’ll be looking at each area and what I can do or change.


I’ll be looking at; the food I eat, where I buy my food, where my food comes from and where I eat out, to see where I can reduce my carbon footprint and live more sustainably.


The appliances I use. How often and when I use them. My energy provider/s and the plans I’m on. How to make the home more energy efficient.


Those that know me, knows this will be a difficult one for me. Travel is likely my largest carbon contributor.

Local, national and international travel. Looking at my modes of transport. The car I drive and where I go/ stay when on holiday.


Since I work in finance this is definitely one I want to focus on – the finance industry has the potential for huge positive change and influence in protecting our planet for future generations. Investors also have a lot of influence and can put demand on the industry to invest responsibility.

I’ll be looking at ethical investing and ethical banking. And disinvesting in equities that don’t meet my values.


Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Reducing my waste and trying to buy more ethically.

Looking at what stuff I buy, the packaging it comes in, where it comes from and the impact my purchase could have on the environment.

Anything else

What organisations I joined. How I’m getting involved in the community. Fundraising. Building awareness. How I will try and use yoga to help – including starting to support a local organisation with the Avon Wildlife Trust Yoga fundraiser. And anything else that might pop up on the way.