Sustainable Food


I love food! I also love our environment, wildlife and nature, which is why buying sustainable food is important. Taking control of what we eat and where we buy our foods can have a massive impact on our environment – both local and international.

Buying Local Food

Supporting local businesses and buying local reduces the carbon footprint of the products you’re consuming. So we thought we would look at what we could easily start buying local. This would be preferably produced organically or using sustainable methods.

We decided to opt for a weekly veg box from a local community farm, Sims Hill. Sim Hill offer a unique share harvest offer, where you pay a weekly amount to receive a share of the harvest. I’ll write about this in a separate post.

We’re still working out ways we can buy more sustainable foods and have tried a few different options, trying to limit the need to go to the supermarket. I’ll update this as we continue to move towards more sustainable food buying options.

Eating more plants

Eating a plant based diet is better for the environment – I recall learning this years ago when I watched Cowspiracy. It was actually this documentary that lead to Michael (my partner) becoming a vegetarian and in me eating a more plant based diet.

Greenpeace also recently launched a new campaign called, “Monster”. This campaign looks at how our diet can impact the environment. Their new video is below.

Eating Products without Palm Oil

I guess our next focus would be to reduce palm oil products – which, if you’ve ever looked at food labels seems to be in everything.

If you have ever seen the terribly sad orang-utan video then I’m sure you know why reducing palm oil is important. I’ve included this video below.

What else can we change to move towards more sustainable living?

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